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Ballade.mp3 1.702.05.02 10:21:58Fabrice GuyotBallade2001Fabrice Guyot CD 60:03:43 64S22
Uranus.mp3 3.502.11.28 22:58:01Fabrice GuyotUranus2002Fabrice Guyot CD8(c) Fabrice Guyot 200:03:42128S44
Mary.mp3 1.602.07.08 20:54:57Fabrice GuyotMary2002Fabrice Guyot CD 8(c) Fabrice Guyot 200:03:20 64S22
Korrigane.mp3 1.502.06.26 21:35:09Fabrice GuyotKorrigane2002Fabrice Guyot CD 8(c) Fabrice Guyot 200:03:16 64S22
Absidale.mp3 14:08:59Fabrice GuyotAbsidale2002Fabrice Guyot CD 7(c) Fabrice Guyot 200:04:18 64S22
Coeur.mp3 14:49:40Fabrice GuyotCoeur2001Fabrice Guyot CD 50:04:28 64S22
Orphee.mp3 1.403.06.08 07:14:20Fabrice GuyotOrphee2003Fabrice Guyot CD 9(c) Fabrice Guyot 200:03:07 64S22
Irisation.mp3 0.903.07.27 21:20:21Fabrice GuyotIrisation2003Fabrice Guyot CD 9(c) Fabrice Guyot 200:01:55 64S22
Cavernes.mp3 1.402.06.26 21:33:23Fabrice GuyotCavernes2002Fabrice Guyot CD 8(c) Fabrice Guyot 200:02:57 64S22
Aria.mp3 1.602.07.08 20:56:50Fabrice GuyotAria2002Fabrice Guyot CD 8(c) Fabrice Guyot 200:03:30 64S22
Ondulations.mp3 13:41:23Fabrice GuyotOndulations2002Fabrice Guyot CD 7(c) Fabrice Guyot 200:04:45 64S22
Charybde.mp3 13:15:02Fabrice GuyotCharybde2002Fabrice Guyot CD 7(c) Fabrice Guyot 200:04:11 64S22
Bal.mp3 1.901.06.10 08:07:33Fabrice GuyotBal2001Fabrice Guyot CD 60:04:03 64S22
Hades.mp3 07:44:57Fabrice GuyotHades2003Fabrice Guyot CD 9(c) Fabrice Guyot 200:04:25 64S22
Gorille.mp3 13:02:08Fabrice GuyotGorille2002Fabrice Guyot CD 7(c) Fabrice Guyot 200:04:17 64S22
Hawaii.mp3 14:37:03Fabrice GuyotHawaii2002Fabrice Guyot CD 8(c) Fabrice Guyot 200:04:31 64S22
Jupiter.mp3 1.701.07.24 18:09:19Fabrice GuyotJupiter2001Fabrice Guyot CD 60:03:35 64S22
Koala.mp3 19:21:09Fabrice GuyotKoala2003Fabrice Guyot CD 8(c) Fabrice Guyot 200:02:37 64S22
Volutes.mp3 2.903.01.23 22:38:26Fabrice GuyotVolutes2002Fabrice Guyot CD 8(c) Fabrice Guyot 200:06:08 64M22
Cumulus.mp3 1.303.08.24 09:38:09Fabrice GuyotCumulus2003Fabrice Guyot CD 10(c) Fabrice Guyot 200:02:45 64S22
Balade.mp3 1.503.07.20 07:02:59Fabrice GuyotBalade2003Fabrice Guyot CD 9(c) Fabrice Guyot 200:03:18 64S22
Christmas.mp3 10:38:01Fabrice GuyotChristmas2004Fabrice Guyot CD 10(c) Fabrice Guyot 200:02:33 64S22
Tornade.mp3 1.403.07.07 08:43:20Fabrice GuyotTornade2003Fabrice Guyot CD 9(c) Fabrice Guyot 200:03:07 64S22
Aube.mp3 1.403.10.04 15:09:49Fabrice GuyotAube2003Fabrice Guyot CD 10(c) Fabrice Guyot 200:03:06 64S22
Lamentation.mp3 1.503.11.22 11:28:19Fabrice GuyotLamentation2003Fabrice Guyot CD 10(c) Fabrice Guyot 200:03:10 64S22
Variation3.mp3 1.403.05.23 17:50:57Fabrice GuyotVariation32003Fabrice Guyot CD 9(c) Fabrice Guyot 200:03:03 64S22
Melusine.mp3 1.303.05.18 07:03:36Fabrice GuyotMelusine2003Fabrice Guyot CD 9(c) Fabrice Guyot 200:02:43 64S22
Venise.mp3 1.703.12.13 09:28:39Fabrice GuyotVenise2003Fabrice Guyot CD 10(c) Fabrice Guyot 200:03:40 64S22
Aspic.mp3 1.403.07.07 08:41:27Fabrice GuyotAspic2003Fabrice Guyot CD 9(c) Fabrice Guyot 200:02:55 64S22
K.mp3 1.803.06.21 08:57:26Fabrice GuyotK2003Fabrice Guyot CD 9(c) Fabrice Guyot 200:03:48 64S22
Sacrifice.mp3 1.700.09.30 07:50:26Fabrice GuyotSacrifice2000Fabrice Guyot CD 30:03:33 64S44
Purcell.mp3 1.501.01.24 22:26:07Fabrice GuyotPurcell2001Fabrice Guyot CD 40:03:09 64S44
Puccini.mp3 1.702.05.02 12:48:53Fabrice GuyotPuccini2002Fabrice Guyot CD 7(c) Fabrice Guyot 200:03:35 64S22
Verdi.mp3 1.501.07.11 10:14:09Fabrice GuyotVerdi2001Fabrice Guyot CD 60:03:16 64S22
Cirrus.mp3 1.802.05.02 10:09:48Fabrice GuyotCirrus2001Fabrice Guyot CD 60:03:49 64S22

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