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Hans Christian

Danny Kaye - The Court Jester - Life 2.803.03.10 19:26:43Danny KayeLife Could Not Better BeHans Christian Andersen-The Cour0:03:00128S44
Danny Kaye - The Court Jester - I'll 2.903.03.10 19:26:31Danny KayeI'll Take You DreamingHans Christian Andersen-The Cour0:03:03128S44
Danny Kaye - The Court Jester - No T 2.303.03.10 19:27:13Danny KayeNo Two PeopleHans Christian Andersen-The Cour0:02:24128S44
Danny Kaye - The Court Jester - Inch 14:38:13Danny KayeInchwormHans Christian Andersen-The Cour0:03:14128S44
Danny Kaye - The Court Jester - Outf 2.703.03.10 19:27:25Danny KayeOutfox The FoxHans Christian Andersen-The Cour0:02:50128S44
Danny Kaye - The Court Jester - Will 4.703.03.10 19:27:45Danny KayeWillow, Willow, Waley-Pass TheHans Christian Andersen-The Cour0:04:59128S44
Kaye_hca_uglyduckling_clip.mp3 0.503.10.02 01:21:52Danny KayeThe Ugly Duckling (clip)1952Hans Christian Andersen0:00:36128S44 0.603.10.02 01:22:14Danny KayeWonderful Copenhagen (clip)1952Hans Christian Andersen0:00:39128S44
Danny Kaye - The Court Jester - I Li 19:26:18Danny KayeI Live to LoveHans Christian Andersen-The Cour0:03:11128S44
Danny Kaye_The Kings New Clothes.mp3 1.703.09.27 20:19:38Danny KayeThe Kings New Clothes1952Hans Christian Andersen-The Cour
Danny Kaye - Inchworm.mp3 1.503.09.27 20:17:16Danny KayeInchworm1952Hans Christian AndersenRipped by The ]v[ekon
05 - Atlantis - Hans Christian.mp3 16:27:02Hans ChristianAtlantis2003PhantomsFrom www.magnatune.com0:07:28128S44
10 - The Sacrifice - Hans Christian. 4.604.01.18 16:27:05Hans ChristianThe Sacrifice2003PhantomsFrom www.magnatune.com0:04:48128S44
02 - Tears For Ma - Hans Christian.m 5.804.01.18 16:27:08Hans ChristianTears for Ma2003SurrenderFrom www.magnatune.com0:06:07128S44
09 - In The Pews - Hans 3.704.01.18 16:27:05Hans ChristianIn the Pews2003PhantomsFrom www.magnatune.com0:03:52128S44
06 - Desperado - Hans Christian.mp3 16:27:03Hans ChristianDesperado2003PhantomsFrom www.magnatune.com0:06:17128S44
07 - Arabesque - Hans Christian.mp3 5.604.01.18 16:27:03Hans ChristianArabesque2003PhantomsFrom www.magnatune.com0:05:53128S44
04 - Phantoms - Hans Christian.mp3 3.304.01.18 16:27:02Hans ChristianPhantoms2003PhantomsFrom www.magnatune.com0:03:26128S44
03 - Shades Of Blue - Hans Christian 16:27:10Hans ChristianShades of Blue2003SurrenderFrom www.magnatune.com0:09:25128S44
05 - Capricorn Child - Hans Christia 5.404.01.18 16:27:09Hans ChristianCapricorn Child2003SurrenderFrom www.magnatune.com0:05:39128S44
03 - Lindenflowers And Carnations - 3.804.01.18 16:27:01Hans ChristianLindenflowers and Carnations2003PhantomsFrom www.magnatune.com0:03:58128S44
02 - Coyote's Dance - Hans Christian 5.604.01.18 16:27:01Hans ChristianCoyote's Dance2003PhantomsFrom www.magnatune.com0:05:53128S44
07 - Matritamah - Hans Christian.mp3 16:27:11Hans ChristianMatritamah2003SurrenderFrom www.magnatune.com0:06:21128S44
08 - Scattered - Hans Christian.mp3 6.504.01.18 16:27:04Hans ChristianScattered2003PhantomsFrom www.magnatune.com0:06:48128S44
08 - Vulkanmusik - Hans 2.604.01.18 16:27:12Hans ChristianVulkanmusik2003SurrenderFrom www.magnatune.com0:02:42128S44
09 - Rapture - Hans Christian.mp3 16:27:12Hans ChristianRapture2003SurrenderFrom www.magnatune.com0:06:24128S44
06 - Reflections - Hans 4.304.01.18 16:27:11Hans ChristianReflections2003SurrenderFrom www.magnatune.com0:04:28128S44
11 - Aftermath - Hans Christian.mp3 16:27:06Hans ChristianAftermath2003PhantomsFrom www.magnatune.com0:06:19128S44
01 - Surrender - Hans Christian.mp3 5.904.01.18 16:27:09Hans ChristianSuurender2003SurrenderFrom www.magnatune.com0:06:11128S44
04 - Shrouded - Hans Christian.mp3 4.804.01.18 16:27:10Hans ChristianShrouded2003SurrenderFrom www.magnatune.com0:05:05128S44
Livjaegerne På Amager.mp3 1.603.08.11 14:39:31Hans Christian LumbyeFinalegalop af Livjgerne p Ama8. Regiments Musikkorps0:06:46 32M22
Souvenir De Peterhof.mp3 1.603.08.11 14:45:08Hans Christian LumbyeSouvenir de Peterhof8. Regiments Musikkorps0:03:22
Pepita Polka.mp3 14:38:06Hans Christian Lumbye8. Regiments Musikkorps
Salut For August Bournonville.mp3 0.903.08.11 14:47:02Hans Christian LumbyeSalut for August Bournonville8. Regiments Musikkorps0:01:59
Danny Kaye - Inchworm.mp3 1.504.05.26 16:29:26Danny KayeInchworm1952Hans Christian AndersenRipped by The ]v[ekon
Danny Kaye_The Kings New Clothes.mp3 1.704.05.26 16:32:08Danny KayeThe Kings New Clothes1952Hans Christian Andersen-The Cour
Hanfparade2003_Hauptbuehne_13_Rede_H10.403.10.31 17:34:25Hans Christian StroebeleRede2003Hanfparade 2003Hauptbuehne0:10:52128S44

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